100 jobs for young people created by the Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust, the charity created by the Prince of Wales, is launching an initiative to create 100 new jobs for young people in the West Midlands.

As graduation for 2012 looms closer, there is an air of dread amongst students in their final year who hope to find a job after finishing their degree course. However, as unemployment reaches its highest peak since 1995, being a jobless graduate is fast becoming a more and more realistic prospect.

The Prince's Trust initiative, which will be launched by Prince Charles himself in the coming weeks, has created jobs that are specifically targeted at young people to help the unemployment problem. The initiative does not only aim to ease the problem of unemployment in the West Midlands, but throughout the UK. Chief executive of the trust, Martina Milburn has said, "This scheme will make sure an unemployed generation does not become an unemployable one."

This news will no doubt be a boost to those who are struggling to find jobs in the West Midlands area. One employee of the Prince's Trust has said that the scheme "quite simply changed my life", and it is hoped that the initiative will do the same to 100 more young people in the area.

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