Birmingham sailor injured in round-the-world race

A sailor from Birmingham and another member of his crew have been injured during a round-the-world yacht race. The incident occurred after high winds and rough seas caused the yacht to be unstable off the coast of Taiwan.

Nick Woodward, from Birmingham, was propelled out of his bed on board the ship whereupon he sustained a serious head injury after cracking the wooden beam that he hit his head on. Another crew member broke his leg.

Due to the turbulent conditions, the coast guard and a helicopter were unable to pick up the two injured sailors, leaving them in the lurch for quite some time until the weather conditions eased. When the weather picked up, the yacht, named the Gold Coast Australia, docked in at a port in Taiwan where both injured crew members were able to receive medical attention.

The yacht race will be completed by nine other vessels, all of which have a crew of amateur yachtsmen. Their safety is their highest priority as they sail across the world to return to Southampton in June of this year, the port from which they set off on their long and arduous journey.


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