London Midland apologises for 'insensitive' tweets over death on tracks

A man met his death on Sunday after jumping in front of a train at University Station in Birmingham. London Midland, known for keeping customers up to date with their Twitter, notified passengers of the delays the death had caused in what has been described as an "insensitive" manner.

After notifying their followers that there had been a possible suicide at University Station, London Midland urged customers to "Go to the pub - things will be rubbish for at least the next hour."

London Midland's seemingly callous remarks on Twitter were met with shock by those who read the Twitter feed, though London Midland reported that they had received no complaints over their tweets. Other remarks included: "Can't stop someone jumping off a platform in front of a train I'm afraid." When a customer asked if the man who had jumped off the platform was alright, London Midland replied with "nope".

These careless tweets have been apologised for by David Whitley who runs the London Midland Twitter page. He blamed the short 140 character limit for the way that the tweets came across maintaining, "we try very hard to provide tailored, individual responses".

London Midland's excuse for their tweets seems to have pacified the public for now, though they will, no doubt, be more careful with their tweets in future.

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