Man brought to court over Birmingham hostel death

A 48-year-old man was brought in front of Birmingham Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with the murder of Bakhitar Ahmad Kheder Mirawdali who was found dead in a hostel on Soho Road, Handsworth.

It has not been made clearly by officials whether the accused, Rahman Saidi, knew Mirawdali before he was found dead in his hostel room. Buck Rogers, the Detective Inspector in charge of the case revealed that Bakhitar Ahmad Kheder Mirawdali "was a private man and kept himself to himself" so it seems likely that the defendant was connected to the victim.

A post-mortem examination of Mr Mirawdali revealed that he died of wounds inflicted to his neck, though the murder weapon has not yet been disclosed.

Bakhitar Ahmad Kheder Mirawdali was an Iraqi national who was granted asylum to live in the UK. He intended to return to Iraq within the coming weeks to get married.

The case continues.

(Picture: Richard Rogerson)

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