Man Charged with Murder of 'Missing Woman'

Birmingham Crown Court where Stafford is being tried.

A man has been charged with the murder of Michelle Gunshon who went missing after a visit to Birmingham in December 2004. The man, 43-year-old Martin Stafford appeared in Birmingham Crown Court after the Crown Prosecution Service claimed that there was enough evidence to prosecute him for murdering Michelle Gunshon.

Michelle Gunshon was a mother of three and was working in Birmingham as part of a security team for the National Exhibition Centre. After dining at a pub in Digbeth, she was no longer seen and after her car was found, was reported missing. Michelle was originally from Mill Hill in North London.

The West Midlands Police have been working on the case of Michelle Gunshon for seven years and after being declared 'missing' for all that time, her case is being treated as a murder inquiry. It is hoped a conviction or at least some more answers will help her children and family gain closure.

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