More snow for Birmingham as cold snap continues

As much of the West Midlands sighed in relief as the slightly warmer weather melted away most of the snow, it seems that the area had best prepare for a second round of snow in the cold snap.

The snow will come to Britain as a result of rain coming from the Atlantic ocean which means that the Level 3 warning issued by the Met Office is still in place. The main danger at the moment for Birmingham is black ice as low night time temperatures have frozen the ice and snow that has melted during the course of the day.

The consequences of the poor weather may result in school closures in the areas, with up to 6cms of snow expected in the Midlands region. The weather will also put more pressure on West Midlands Ambulance Services who have already had to deal with 35 more incidents related to the snow and ice already.

Those who may be comforted to think that the weather will get better in March have another thing coming. The first month of spring will be dominated by high, cold winds which may cause more problems for the West Midlands to deal with.

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