Students outraged over University library extension

Students at the University of Birmingham have launched a petition over plans to build a modern extension of the campus library.

The petition, so far, has over 200 signatures and those protesting aim to gain many more as plans for the new library begin to form.

Students and staff alike are outraged that the new library will be designed to fit in with the theme of the nearby Miurhead Tower, a contemporary steel building which is joked about as the "eyesore" of the otherwise redbrick, classically designed campus.

The move to design an ultra modern extention has prompted the Guild of Students to approach the University of Birmingham in order to pass a motion which will dictate that students will be made aware of all architectural developments before building begins. The motion was passed on 2 February to the delight of those petitioning for an improvement to the current plans. David Franklin, the founder of the Facebook group promoting the petition said: "The motion has been passed, it is now official policy of the Guild that students should be consulted on architectural developments."

It remains to be seen whether the petition to change the design to a redbrick building will make a difference to the plans of the architect, though a library official is set to make a formal complaint within the next weeks.

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