16 Occupy activists charged with Xstrata HQ protest found not guilty

Sixteen Occupy London activists who entered the Xstrata head quarters at Panton House, Haymarket, have been found 'not guilty' following a trial at Westminster Magistrates Court. 

The charges faced by protesters related to a demonstration held on November 30, 2011, in which dozens of people stormed the headquarters of the Anglo-Swiss mining company and dropped a banner from the roof.
The protest followed a national day of action against public sector cuts, including a mass march in London, speeches from union representatives on Victoria Embankment, as well as the action later at Panton House. Including those arrested at the Xstrata building there were 52 arrests throughout the day. However, police behaviour has also been questioned, after photographs emerged purportedly showing excessive police force during the arrests.
As well as delivering a 'not guilty' verdict the judge also decided against imposing any 'binding over conditions'. 
The protest group have expressed relief following the verdict, as well as gratitude that 'there is some justice in the legal system still'. 

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