Anti-Islam film protests reaches London

The anti-Islam film protests that have rocked the Middle East over the last 48 hours is set to come to London with a group claiming they will protest outside the US Embassy in central London.

The protest, organised by Anjem Choudary, formerly leader of now banned extremist groups Al-Muhajiroun and Muslims Against Crusades, will begin from the Regents Park Mosque, ending at the US Embassy.

In a statement, Choudary said "In light of the film 'Innocence of Muslims' insulting the final Prophet, which is undoubtedly part of the global US campaign to tarnish and spite Islam and Muslims, there will be a demonstration taking place tomorrow outside the American Embassy in London to defend the honour of the Messenger Muhammad (saw).

"The American regime occupy Muslim land, murder Muslims in Afghanistan and support the occupation of Muslim land in Israel.

"In the USA, Muslims are treated like second class citizens, regularly raided and arrested and are subject to much injustice and oppression.

"In Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere Muslims are subject to ritual and prolonged torture with the consent of the American Obama regime.

"Under the guise of Democracy and Freedom it is open season to insult the honour of the Prophets of God, demonstrated in the latest clip 'Innocence of Muslims' which has been allowed to circulate everywhere, with the capability of the US regime to ban it, insulting the Messenger Muhammad (saw)

"We ask all Muslim individuals, groups, organisations, masjids etc... to join us around the world in raising your voice and exposing the evil of man made law whilst defending the Honour of the Messenger Muhammad (saw)".

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