Belgium: Artist's cat throwing video sparks outrage

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Belgian artist Jan Fabre stirred up controversy last week after shooting a video, as part of his new project, in which cat were being thrown in the air, local media reported.

The video, which shows several people throwing cats in the air at Antwerp City Hall in northern Belgium, was strongly criticized by animal welfare organisations.

Jan Fabre, who was attacked shortly after the video was uploaded onto the web, publicly apologised saying "I am deeply sorry [...] and want to apologize to cat lovers," the 54-year-old artist said. "I never intended to hurt those cats," he added.

Speaking to RTBF, Jan Fabre tried to minimize the incident saying that people "exaggerated", before adding that animal experts were present on set.

The municipality had authorized Jan Fabre to shoot within the premises without knowing that cats would be thrown in the air, local media reported.

GAIA, an organisation which advocates for animal rights lodged a formal complaint against the Belgian artist.

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