Hurricane Sandy not dramatic enough? Iran's Press TV uses image from The Day After Tomorrow


Despite the abundance of shocking photographs of flooded New York City, including the facade of a building coming away, cranes collapsing, and vehicles half underwater, Iran's Press TV appear to have found Hurricane Sandy rather tame, using an image from apocalyptic blockbuster, 'The Day After Tomorrow', for an article instead.

The impact of the hurricane has been severe; 69 people were killed as the storm ravaged the Caribbean, 16 were killed on the East Coast of the US, millions of homes were without power, and road, rail and airline networks paralysed. The content of the article illustrated by the fictional image is questioning whether the storm was dramatic enough to delay the presidential election, in itself recognising the severity of the damage.

The bizarre move by the Iranian state press body is sure to anger those who have lost friends or relatives, whose houses have been flooded or destroyed, and lives significantly disrupted, who surely feel that the storm was disastrous enough.

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