More protests erupt against anti-Islam film including in Bahrain [PICS & VIDS]

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Protesters burn US flag in Bahrain - Photograph via قرية أبوصيبع

Hundreds of protesters gathered on Friday outside Diraz mosque, north west of Bahrain, and burn the US and Israeli flags in protest against the anti-Islam film seen as insulting to Prophet Mohammad.

Photographs posted on social-networking websites also showed Bahraini protesters waving black flags with the words "There is no God but God, and Mohammad is his prophet" near the US embassy.

Today's demonstration in Bahrain is the latest in a series of protests organized across the Muslim world against clips of a low-budget anti-Islam film posted on the internet.

Protests against the controversial anti-Islam film, made in the US, also rocked several parts of the Indian-administered Kashmir [SEE VIDEO].

According to reports, hundreds of demonstrators attempted to march to the centre of the capital city of Srinagar before being stopped by police.

In other parts of the country protesters burnt the US and Israeli flags including in the old town Baramulla where clashes between protesters and Indian forces were also reported.

In the Palhalan area of Pattan, police fired tear gas to disperse protesters. Minor clashes were also reported in Maisuma Srinagar and Sopore. There were no reports of casualties.

In Jordan, a close U.S. ally, hundreds of people marched to the US Embassy in Amman, chanting "Listen, listen Obama, all of the nation is Osama" and waving flags and banners. En route to the embassy participants stopped to burn a US flag.

In Qatar, a crowd of about a thousand peaceful protesters were holding up flags near the US Embassy in Doha. According to reports dozens of police were present and had cordoned off the embassy.

Protests against the anti-Islam film were also held in Islamabad and Karachi.

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