Online warnings of Batman Premiere shooting allegedly appear on 9gag website

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As police name James Holmes, the suspect in custody for shooting dead 12 people and injuring 50 others at the screening of the new Batman film in Denver, did he post a warning online about his intended actions? Police are currently investigating the reasons behind the shooting but some members of an online picture sharing site have reasons to believe the shooter had sent a warning yesterday.

Users of the popular memes website 9gag have surfaced a meme that was allegedly posted by a user called JamesHolmes124.

The photo shows a iconic scene of Nazis watching a film out of the film Inglorious Bastards. Across the photo is a message reading "Tomorrow I will kill everyone during the new Batman premiere in Colorado - People will die - for the glory of the Le 9gag army!"

The post has now been deleted but screenshots were allegedly taken when it was posted 1 day ago. The username JamesHolmes124 also doesn't exist.

It's possible 9Gag have removed the post to avoid causing offence or have been asked to do so whilst law enforcement agencies investigate. Because the post has been removed, it is very hard to tell from a screenshot if the post has been photoshopped. However, some online users of 9Gag have commented on the issue suggesting that the user was known on the forum and sent a warning a few weeks ago.

One user posted "A few weeks ago, a man by the username of ‘JamesHolmes154' posted a thread on 9gag saying he was going to ‘shoot up’ a theater. He was clearly distressed and admitted he was suffering from PTSD. He said he was going to walk in and try to take as much lifes as possible. The whole 9gag community egged him on and give him tips on what to wear, etc. They give him tips on sharp-shooting and sent him messages on how to take as much lifes as possible."

Editors Note: Numerous articles have appeared questioning if this is fake as the user originally suggested i.e. photoshopped. Mashable have a good piece we'd like to share with you on how this could be a hoax. You can read it here

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