Thieves caught with Apple's 'Find my iPhone' feature in Humberside

The Track My iPhone capability caught two thieves after their victim used an iPhone to track down his stolen property. Adam Brooke had his laptop, an iPhone and computer equipment stolen from his new flat in Beverley last Christmas, immediately calling the police and activating a tracking device on his iPhone that located his belongings near The Maltings in Beverley.

The tracking device sends a message to the phone indicating the phone has been lost. Mr Brooke would have activated his location discovery on his phone which helped him locate its whereabouts. As the police conducted house-to-house inquiries, Mr Brooke set off an alarm on the stolen phone and traced the noise to one of the properties.

According to This is Hull, detectives discovered some of the stolen property and the homeowner claimed it had been sold to him that morning by Keiran Lymburn. The police seized CCTV from the flat complex showing Lymburn and Zoe Constable leaving Mr Brooke's flat with his property.

"He had a function that enabled him to trace the stolen iPhone and it led the police to an address in Beverley and he went with them. He had a feature on his phone that allowed him to trigger an alarm and when officers heard the noise, they discovered its location" said Prosecutor Richard Woolfall.

Hull Crown Court heard that Mr Brooke had spent the day decorating his new flat when one of his new neighbours invited him round for some drinks and they were later joined by Constable and Lymburn. The victim remembered drinking vodka but mixed the alcohol with his medication.

The next day he discovered his laptop, iPhone and other equipment missing worth a total of £1,865.

Lymburn, 19, and Constable, 20, both pleaded guilty to theft at Hull Crown Court.

"They knew he was well in drink and unable to fend them off. I don't say it was deliberate targeting but they saw the opportunity" said the prosecutor.

Lymburn had previous convictions for burglary and theft.

The judge jailed Lymburn for six months but gave Constable a 12-month community order and 150 hours of unpaid work because of her lack of criminal record.

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