Timeline of 'Innocence of Muslims' outrage

Screenshot - Innocence of Muslims

Tuesday 11th September

The emergence of The Innocence of Muslims

- Film first appeared online on 1st July according to BBC.

- Offensive comments towards Islam and Mohammad dubbed on to the film’s soundtrack and were not spoken by the actors in the film.

- Translated into Arabic by unknown persons and with unknown motives, shown on Arab TV stations and talk shows.

- Questions still exist around whether violence that erupted was spontaneous or planned to coincide with 9/11 anniversary.

- Outrage around the Middle East, drawing condemnation from across the region and calls for demonstrations. 

Four American citizens die including US ambassador John Christopher Stevens in attack on US consulate in Benghazi, Libya

- Attack took place in port city that served as rebel capital until Tripoli was taken during 2011 uprising.

- Looters raided compound after attack.

- US citizens across Middle East warned to keep low profile amid concerns for safety.

- Protests also take place in Egypt where American embassy in Cairo was breached and US flag was pulled down.

Amateur video later surfaces of US ambassador’s body.

YouTube reported as being banned in Afghanistan, reportedly to “prevent offensive videos of Prophet Mohammad” from being viewed.

Wednesday 12th September

Protests spread to Tunisia and Morocco

- US flag burnt outside embassy in Tunis.

- Protesters also chant and burn US flag in Casablanca, Morocco.

- Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt call for more demonstrations.

- Iranian media reports that protests are planned for Thursday 13th Sept.

Students in Iran to protest outside Swiss embassy in Tehran.

- Protests in Egypt turn violent, with injuries and arrests. 

Thursday 13th September

US embassy in Sanaa, Yemen is stormed

- Police shoot into crowd of protesters and use teargas.

- Reports of peaceful protest interrupted by ‘gangsters’ and ‘thugs’.


- Yemen’s president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi apologises for attacks.

- Egypt’s President Morsi condemns attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Clashes continue near US embassy between protesters and police in Cairo, Egypt.

- Protests in Iran outside Swiss embassy kept at distance by police and dispersed around midday Swiss time.

- Reports of protests and demonstrations across Middle Eastern region, including Dhaka in Bangladesh, Tel Aviv in Israel, Kabul in Afghanistan, Sanaa in Yemen, Tehran in Iran, Cairo in Egypt and Benghazi in Libya.


Friday 14th September

Protests spread across Middle East as anger grows at Anti-Islam film

- US and Israeli flags burnt outside mosque in Bahrain.

- Protests also rock Indian-administered Kashmir.

- US flags burnt outside mosque in Amman, Jordan.

- Peaceful protests also held in Qatar, Islamabad and Karachi.

Sudanese demonstrators storm US embassy and set it ablaze

- Around 5,000 protestors involved in chaotic scenes.

- Protests continue at German and British embassies in Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

- Swiss embassy evacuates staff as result of protests.

- Protests reach Lebanon, where a KFC restaurant is torched in Tripoli.

Anti-Islam film protests reach London, UK

- Protesters call film "part of the global US campaign to tarnish and spite Islam and Muslims".

- March taking place from Regents Park mosque in central London.

- Group plans to protest outside US embassy in London.


For gallery of images from citizen journalists across the Middle East, click here.

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