Venezuelans call for vote recount after suspected Chavez election fraud

Despite a plethora of national grievances including an economic difficulty,  inflation, shortages of basic goods, electricity blackouts, surging violence, and widespread accusations of voter fraud, socialist president Hugo Chávez allegedly won Sunday’s presidential election, according to the nation’s National Electoral Council (CNE).

The victory has been questioned by thousands who claim that fraud took place, and almost three million votes are unaccounted for. 

It was also suggested that opposition candidate, Henrique Capriles, knew about the wide-scale fraud but decided to stand down in an effort to avoid a massacre or even the civil war Chávez had warned about. Capriles, a leftist Catholic who united the opposition and called for freer markets but promised to expand the sprawling welfare state if elected, accepted defeat despite calls from his supporters to fight on. 

Anger following the election is evident on social media, with many calling for a recount:

'Venezuela wants a recount of the votes #FraudeenVenezuela'

'@hcapriles you ought to be our president! we are tired of so much corruption #FraudeenVenezuela'

'VENEZUELA is in mourning #FraudeenVenezuela Where are the 2,988,288 votes that we not counted?'

'2,991,994 Where are the votes? The math does not lie.'

'The fight continues, the numbers do not add up, something strange is happening #FraudeenVenezuela'

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