Clifton Suspension Bridge toll to double

The toll for crossing Clifton Suspension Bridge is to double from 50p to £1 but first the proposal still needs to be approved by the Department for Transport. The toll has been 50p since January 2007.

A spokesman for the bridge trustees reminds that despite the increase, the option of having a prepaid crossing card could help regular motorists save money. But a spokesman for the National Alliance Against Tolls argues the increase is unnecessary:

"I would urge any bridge user who thinks they are going to be affected by the toll increase to make their feelings known to the Department for Transport. If people don't object the rise will just go through unchallenged. And we feel the toll money shouldn't be spent on bridge illuminations or visitor centres which have nothing to do with the cost of crossing."

The bridge is run as a charitable trust and receives no money from government, local authorities or the lottery and the bridge trustees are saying that they need £8m to spend on vital repair and maintenance work over the next 10 years, in addition to the £1m cost of running the bridge each year.

In recent years the number of users has fallen by 20% and it is believed this is due to increased use of public transport, park-and-ride services and people cycling more.

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