Occupy Bristol officially evicted from College Green

Following an eviction this morning of those who were still occupying the site, College Green will now be restored and once again be made available to the people of Bristol.

Although the members of Occupy Bristol have made an effort to clear the tents and some of the structures on College Green and to tidy-up, the site will need some serious revitalisation until its restored to what it used to be.

A significant number of 'occupiers' have left College Green voluntarily, following the County Court ruling earlier this month. However, a few protesters remained on site, despite pleas from the Dean of Bristol and the City Council. They were removed this morning after law enforcement agencies were required to evict them.

The Dean of Bristol, the Very Reverend David Hoyle, said:

“We, and the City Council, have listened to the Occupy Movement throughout the three months they have been on College Green. However, despite many reassurances that the Occupiers will leave College Green, some have failed to do so. Sadly, despite giving them every opportunity to move on, we were left with no other alternative other than to use legal proceedings to reclaim the land for the use of all Bristolians. This protest, as with those around the UK and abroad, has laid down a real challenge for us and for others to reflect on issues of privilege, greed and justice. Many of the global economic, sustainability and social justice issues espoused by some in the camp have always been of equal concern to the Church. The Cathedral community will continue to respond to that challenge.

Leader of the Council, Barbara Janke added:

“It is absolutely right that College Green is returned back to its primary use as a space for all to enjoy and use. Together with the Dean, we have said from the very first day that while we respected the group’s right to protest, the occupation of College Green was unlawful. The protest has raised some important issues and we have listened and responded to those. However the concerns around their continued presence in such a well loved space justify today's action to remove the last few protesters who decided not to leave voluntarily.”

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