Taxpayers Alliance VS. Bristol City Council chief executive

Members of the Taxpayers Alliance, a group which lobbies for lower taxes, is demanding a £40k cut in the salary of Bristol City Council's chief executive, Jan Ormondroyd (pictured with Barbara Janke and Bob Neill above, she is the one on the right). They want her basic pay to be cut from £190,000 to £150,000 to "bring it in line" with similar posts.

Saying that a reduction would bring Jan Ormondroyd's pay "in line" with a voluntary reduction to the salary of her opposite number in Bath and North East Somerset, the Taxpayers Alliance members are to hold a day of action in Bristol today, hoping to gather signatures for a petition on the streets of the city.

Tim Newark, spokesperson for the Taxpayers Alliance, said that although they admit that her wage is similar to other large city local authorities in the UK, most people they approached were "surprised and shocked" by how much the council leader received:

"It's tough times and the council is needing to cut its front-line services. I feel at the very least the council boss should share in that," he said.

A spokesperson for Bristol City Council said it was "important to recognise the scale and complexity of the role of chief executive of a large urban authority".

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