Cardiff beats Isle of Wight Over Extreme Sailing Bid


Cardiff has earned the right to host one of the events of Extreme Sailing this year by offering £725,000 to the organizers.

The event traditionally takes place in Cowes without any fee to be paid. But recent improvements and increase in professionalism changed organizers’ necessities.

Shortly after the Olympic Games, the annual regatta will take place in the Cardiff Bay. The Welsh capital council get away with a privilege that has belonged to Cowes for the last five years. The bid that put Cardiff in a main position in the event, also ensure a collaboration until 2014.

Prior to Cardiff, other cities were announced as host of 2012 Extreme Sailing 40: Muscat in Oman, Istanbul, Porto in Portugal, Nice, Trapani, Brazil and Qingdao.

Last year the sailing event attracted some 300,000 visitors as it is a major event in the sailing fans calendar.

Photo: Gordonplant

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