Occupy Cardiff Take Stock of Movement


Occupy Movement in Cardiff may have benefit from a larger participation and safer place to stay, the occupiers said in a statement released yesterday on Facebook.

The movement last week came together to take the stock of their experience as they spent few months camped outside the Unite the Nation building in Cathedral Road. On the movement Facebook page they write:

“We feel that our time was definitely worth it because we got our message out and laid foundations.

"The camp was driven out by a lack of numbers at times, and by the inevitable complications of winter.

“The camp was only ever meant to be temporary.”

Due to the harsh weather Occupy Cardiff decided to call the camping off and organize other actions. One of them being a funeral-like protest on February 8, outside Cardiff Crown Court.

The protest is organized to give support to occupiers who were charged following the first occupation outside the Cardiff Castle, On November 11 last year, the Movement marched from Queen Street to the field outside the Castle, only to be evicted three days later as the field belongs to the Council. During the eviction some occupiers refused to leave and were arrested.

Occupy Cardiff also plans to take action against the recent increase of the train fees.

Photo: Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua

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