Talks About Big Society in Cardiff

PM meets Big Society Award winners 2011

On the calendar last Monday was not only the beginning of the week but the kick off date to talk about Big Society in Wales.

In the comfort of the Maindy Barracks in Caardiff, Wales Office Minister David Jones continued what started last year in Newport. On this date the Minister started talking about the Big Society for the first time this year. Last September Newport hosted the “Big Society Forum”, an event that aimed to reunite people and organizations interested in developing ideas and projects to involve the community.

The concept of ‘Big Society’ was introduced by UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010. The idea is to help communities, charities and local organizations to develop so that they have the instruments to solve their own problems.

In Cardiff there are currently 680 charities, says the National Council for Voluntary Organisation, an umbrella organisation that brings together English and Welsh charities.

Wales Office Minister David Jones said in a statement:

“As a new year signals a fresh start for many, this first meeting has signalled a fresh challenge – to help organisations, community groups and social enterprises in any capacity.

“We already have a strong and passionate sense of community here in Wales but we all know we need to increase the amount of support, opportunities and social networks available.”

Last year Gwenda Thomas, Welsh Minister for social service, clearly expressed her doubts on the Big Society idea when applied to social service when saying that “the Big Society is not a concept we use in Wales.”

Concerned were expressed on whether the Big Society plan will work for other sectors.

Photo: PM Office

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