What is Blottr?

Blottr is a user generated news service. We are the only news service that iscompletely generated by its users. Blottr encourages everyone to become a journalist and play their part in ensuring more news gets exposure. We enable anyone to create the news, as it happens

How do I use Blottr?

You can use Blottr to report and break news, as you discover it. Use Blottr to create and break your own news stories. Become a citizen journalist! Use Blottr to contribute towards other peoples’ posts, including editing and enhancing text, adding photos, videos and tags to create a more rounded, up-to-the-minute view of a story and a deeper user experience. Make content more searchable on Blottr by adding content and tags.

Why should I use Blottr?

You should use Blottr to create and break news stories happening around you or stories of interest that you feel would be helpful to others. By doing this, more news gets exposure and people become more aware.

You should also use Blottr to contribute towards other peoples’ posts, to help develop stories and add different perspectives. By doing this and collaborating with many others to build a story, stories develop over time, providing more comprehensive coverage of the news and helping more news become noticed.

How can I join Blottr?

Register here or look for the register icon at the top of the Site. Once you've entered your details we'll send you an activation link by e-mail. Check your email and click on the activation link. Check your "junk mail" area if you don't receive the activation email. If you run into any problems please contact us at community@blottr.com and make sure to include the e-mail address you are trying to register with

How do I invite other people to join Blottr?

You can invite your friends and colleagues to join Blottr via the 'Invite' link on your personal profile page. Inviting others will help generate more news articles and develop existing stories, which helps everyone stay on top of what’s happening.

How does Blottr.com protect my privacy?

The collection and use of every Blottr user's personal information adheres to the Blottr privacy policy. To learn more, read Blottr's Privacy Statement.

Where can I search through stories posted on the Site?

Blottr enables you to efficiently search for information. To explore all articles posted to the Site, enter a search term in the search bar at the top of each page. You can filter your search by news, category, location, images, video, tags/keywords or a combination of all.

How do I locate a story that I do not see posted?

The best way to find a story you do not see posted is to search by keyword and filter your search query. If you know where an event took place, visit that area of the Site, for example: London or Entertainment.

The person who originates the story will be required to assign a location, category and title to it.

They will also be able to add tags and share content with friends. .

What are tags?

Tags are also commonly known as keywords. Tags help describe content and enables it to be discovered through many different ways. Read Wikipedia’s definition here

Does Blottr have any email newsletter services?

Blottr will provide a series of newsletter services.  Currently our email newsletter covers a weekly digest of news from across the Site.

Blottr send e-mail newsletters and alerts free of charge.

Is Blottr available on mobile devices?

Yes, Blottr.com can be fully accessed through smart phone mobile devices, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Blottr is accessible through other java based mobile devices, however usage, accessibility and the way in which we display content on java based devices may be different from your web or smart phone experience.

Can I upload content via my mobile device?

With Blottr you can create news stories, add photos and videos direct from your phone, edit content and consume stories. Your experience may differ from that of the website.

The power of Blottr derives from the fact you can break news as it happens, straight from your mobile device, no matter where you are.

Does Blottr have an iPhone App?

Our team of engineers are burning the midnight oil to produce our first iPhone application. As soon as it is ready for our users to enjoy, we’ll be sure to tell you. If you register, you’ll get to know before those that aren’t.

Can people edit the stores I write?

Yes. In the interests of developing a story over time, and to enable others to add to a story as it unfolds, anyone can edit and add content to anyone else’s content.

What content can I add/can be added to my posts?

Anyone can add text, tags, videos or photos to a story, so long as they are a registered Blottr user

What if I don’t want people to collaborate or edit my story?

The power and purpose of Blottr is to enable as many people as possible to contribute towards a story to enhance it with content, images and video and provide a deeper, more insightful and up-to-date account.

If you do not wish others to contribute or engage in a story you wish to create, we suggest you do not create it.

What type of media content can I create?

Content can be submitted in text form, images and video

Do I need any web or programming skills to upload content?

No. Blottr is designed to easily create and break news stories via web and mobile, regardless of competency. (We built the site so our nan could use it!)

Is Blottr moderated?

Yes. Our community are responsible for moderating and removing content and determining what’s news and what isn’t. Blottr will monitor all items flagged and removed by our community as not suitable for consumption and will decide whether or not to reinstate it or forever remove it.

Is Blottr just for UK news?

No. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can create and break a news story. However, initially Blottr focuses its efforts in the UK

Do I have to register prior to creating a news story?

There are two levels of registration.

Those using a mobile devise will be able to create and break a news story, add video and images, assign to categories, add tags etc without full registration. A username and email address will be all that is required.
A deeper registration is required for web users and is recommended at a later stage for those initially registering through a mobile devise. We encourage a full registration to enable users to moderate, connect with others contributing to their story and engage within the wider community.

Is there a charge for using Blottr?

No, Blottr is completely free for everyone to use. No part of Blottr incurs a fee.

How does Blottr make money?

Overtime, we will introduce a number of commercial products unrelated to the usage of this Site. Blottr will always remain free for its users and we will never sell or monetize personal data provided by our users.

Who owns Blottr?

We are a privately owned company located in London, UK with some really smart, passionate (and ever so slightly geekish) people. Meet our Founder

Does Blottr provide technical support?

Blottr does not provide personal technical support. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem in the links provided, you may want to check with your computer manufacturer or Internet service provider.

How do I make Blottr.com my home page?

For PC users:

If you're using IE6 or IE7:
Select "Tools" in the browser navigation options
Choose "Internet Options"
Select the "General" tab
In the "Homepage" field, enter http://www.blottr.com
Click the "Apply" button and then choose "OK" to close the "Internet Options" screen
If you're using Firefox or Netscape:
Click "Tools" in the menu bar
Choose "Options"
Select the "Main" tab within the options window
In the "Homepage" field, enter http://www.blottr.com
Choose "OK" to close the options screen

For Mac users:

If you're using Firefox, Safari, Netscape or Opera:
Click "Firefox" or the browser of your choice in the menu bar
Choose "Preferences"
Select the "Main" tab within the preferences window
In the "Homepage" field, enter http://www.blottr.com
Close the preferences window

How do I add Blottr.com to my list of favourites?

If you are using Internet Explorer:

Open the Blottr home page http://www.blottr.com/ on Internet Explorer and click on "Favourites".
Click on "Add to favourites". A window will open confirming that Internet Explorer will add this page to your Favourites list and confirm the name of the page.
Click OK to continue.
You may also file Blottr within a folder in your list of Favourites.
Click “Create In” to file the page in an existing folder or click “New Folder” to add another folder to your list.

If you are using Firefox

Open "Bookmarks"
Select "Bookmark this page"
Select the "Add" button

What is a plug-in?

Blottr.com takes advantage of several technologies that require special browser enhancements called plug-ins. Plug-ins are necessary to receive features such as streaming video. Below is a list of some of the plug-ins used on the site and links to where you can download them.

Macromedia Flash: Flash allows you to experience animation and entertainment on the Web in a bandwidth friendly manner.
Macromedia Shockwave: Like Flash, Macromedia Shockwave gives you fully interactive multimedia, clickable and dynamic animations, graphics, text, and audio from directly within your browser.
Quicktime: QuickTime is the multi-platform industry-standard multimedia architecture used by software tool vendors and content creators to create and deliver synchronized graphics, sound, video, text and music.


I have forgotten my password; can I reset it?
Yes, just follow this link to the Forgotten Password process. You will be asked to enter the email address you registered with. Follow the link in the email to reset your password.
I can't login to Blottr, what can I do?
If you have already registered and activated your account, you can request a link to reset your password from the login page.
If you have not yet received your activation link, you can ask for it to be resent here.
If you are still unable to login, don’t panic, just get in touch.
My profile has been suspended, what do I do?
From time to time profiles may be suspended because a member of the Community has contacted us. Please send us an email, tell us your name, email address and username if applicable and we will investigate. We aim to process all requests within 48 hours.
Blottr.com does not appear to be updating -- the timestamp is out of date.
Internet Explorer:
Press the shift key and click the Refresh button at the same time to force your browser window to refresh.

To force your browser to refresh every time a page loads:

Internet Explorer:
Click on Tools, then choose Internet Options.
Click the General tab.
Click on the Settings button. Under "Check for new versions of stored pages" click the option for "Every visit to the page" then click OK twice.

To force your browser to refresh every time a page loads:

Choose Edit from the menu bar
Select Preferences.
On the left side of the window for Preferences, there are several categories to choose from. Under the category "Advanced", select the option "Cache".

Change the Disk cache amount to 0, and click the option for "Every time", then click OK.

How can I contact Blottr?

For general enquiries email info@blottr.com
For Privacy issues email: privacy@blottr.com
For employment enquiries email: hireme@blottr.com (no agencies)
For partnerships email: partners@blottr.com
For commercial opportunities email: busdev@blottr.com

I still can't find an answer to my question, how can I get help?

There’s always one, and we bet it’s usually you! Send us a message and we'll do our best to help.