The Culture of Exploitation

There has been a frightening example this week in the media of what all of us are capable of committing - the brutal exploitation of those powerless to resist, either through coercion, threats or violence by groups of individuals with the same vested interests. Of course, I am referring to a bunch of predators (in this case brown ones) who saw a chink in the armour of a different culture and decided to fully exploit it by raping underage white girls - for their pleasure and profit - and simply because, well, no one was able to stop them.

Let's break this down a little. No matter what our great architects will tell you, not all cultures are equal.Some cultures will quite literally eat their enemies. Some will execute their offspring in the hope that it will make bad "spirits" disappear. Others will force their children to marry their cousins at puberty so that no one else can lay their filthy hands on them and the family business has succession planning. Likewise, yet other cultures will drop nuclear and napalm bombs on everybody whilst proclaiming to be peace loving and "turning the other cheek"

The reaction of the right wing this week to the frankly horrific story that a bunch of brown mini cab drivers and kebab sellers had been indulging in what to them must have seen like the ultimate freedom is no different to the reaction that we see when a bunch of westerners hold drunken wife swapping parties in Saudi Arabia. Outrage that the incumbent culture has been defiled by the culture of "strangers". What DO these animals think they are doing?

I'd like to add that it isn't the culture of Pakistanis Muslims to rape white girls anymore than it is the culture of old Etonians to enslave negro tribes in West Africa and ship them off to plantations for a life of horror and exploitation. The problem is Multiculture where a Monoculture should exist. What is offensive to me is merely "cultural" to others and vice versa. I have no problem tolerating the culture of others as long as it does not impinge on the rights or liberties of others and perhaps, just perhaps, that is what the outrage we have witnessed is about. We wouldn't do it, so why should you? Except of course, our prisons are full of white people who actually DO know it is wrong, perverted and abhorrent to rape and sell underage girls as if they were mere chattels to be traded - within OUR culture. We may all be the same species but so are the sparrow and the sparrow hawk amongst birds. It doesn't mean they should be forced to live side by side in perfect harmony and the Golden Eagle reduced to a vegetarian swamp dwelling wading duck - along with the wren, so that some grinning über Avian can gaze upon us all and declare us "truly equal".

There is no perfect culture. Every single culture out there can be celebrated and reviled by all of us. All we have to do is set up the boundaries with a little more care, understand what is an opportunity and what is a threat and stop listening to the evil shepherds who would have us all living in one enormous herd - for their convenience - and we'll do just fine - safe in the knowledge that no matter what anyone proclaims, Lambs really shouldn't be lying down with Lions.

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