Plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin thwarted

Chechen warlord dispatches order for assassination

Intelligence services in Russia and Ukraine have foiled terrorist plots to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russia’s Channel One reported.

Russia’s most-wanted terrorist is thought to be behind the plot with internationally-wanted criminals detained in Ukrainian city of Odessa. They had confessed they had intended to assassinate Putin after the Presidential elections of March 4th.

Russia Today reported that one of the detained revealed they had flown into Ukraine from the United Arab Emirates via Turkey but his accomplice had been killed in an explosion in the apartment they rented, where investigators later found explosives.

Doku Umarov, Russia's most wanted terrorist, had apparently given them the orders and were instructed to carry out a number of attacks in Moscow and to plan a further attack on Putin.

The detained also informed about another group participant, Adam Osmaev who was later arrested in Ukraine. The suspect is now cooperating with investigators in fear of possible extradition to Russia.

“The final aim was to come to Moscow and try to carry out an attack on Putin,” confessed Osmaev. “There are such military mines, called off-route anti-tank mines, the use of which does not even require a suicide bomber. Though the dead fellow was ready to become one.”

According to a Ukrainian Security Service officer speaking to LifeNews, the suspects, however, were supposed to be able to make a powerful explosive in case their instructors fail to deliver the mines.

“Nowadays there are a number of ways to make an explosive,” said the officer. “Electrolyte and Hydroperitum are available in any store and the purchase will not cause any suspicions. But they decided to dry out an explosive base by putting it on a radiator wrapped in a newspaper. And the newspaper ink contains some substance which can cause peroxide detonation. This is a typical mistake of all amateur fire-workers. The explosion happened during the drying.”

Osmaev has resided in London, and was a terrorist instructor and the contact for the terrorists in Odessa. He was supposed to train the alleged terrorists and send them to Moscow with whole plot for the preparations discovered on his laptop.

“There is a video of motorcades, Putin’s motorcade in particular, shot from different angles and different streets. It enables one to get all the information on a number of accompanying vehicles and the behaviour of the guarded person,” explains an FSB officer. “So the trainees used more than one example for preparation.”

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