Racism Scandal Hits Ukraine's Black Eurovision Contestant

Nationalist Party voices opposition at having a 'coloured singer' represent the country

Ukrainian singer Gaitana, who recently won the contest to represent Ukraine in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, is being targeted by the nationalist party of Ukraine - "Freedom" - who have stated that they are against a "coloured singer" representing their country in the contest. The contest, which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, is one of Europe's most popular singing contests sometimes bringing out the very best and very worst of a country's talent pool.

A representative of the Freedom Party stated "Gaitana is a good singer, but she doesn't represent our culture and that is why we will lose again."

"Eurovision should be a show of national talent. Gaitana is not that and that is why the point of Eurovision is lost. The contestant should be actually a person, who represents Ukraine. Or otherwise it looks like we don't want to show our face."

"Ukraine will be associated with something in the African continent. Just look at Gaitana and tell me what does she have to do with Europe? These days we have a strong industry in China, that doesn't mean we should put a Chinese person as a contestant."

These statements have caused controversy in the country with the singer ready to take the party to court. Gaitana stated that she thinks statements like these ruin the image of Ukraine in the eyes of the whole world. Other public figures have also criticised the statements made by the party.

Gaitana has not indicated whether she will refuse to represent the Ukraine.

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