Occupy Leeds vote to quit camp


Protesters in Leeds have voted to end their two-month occupation of City Square.

In early November around 30 people set up camp in the square to protest against government handling of the economy. This number has diminished to half-a-dozen, and those that remain have decided to leave by the end of the weekend.

A spokesperson for the Leeds movement has said:

“Our primary reason for taking this decision is the fact that persistent bad weather has made the camp an unsafe space for its residents and an uninviting space for members of the public...Spending all our resources simply surviving as a ‘camp’ was never our intent and currently feels counter productive to what we are trying to achieve...The aim of Occupy Leeds was always to champion direct democracy, seek local views on global issues and to make a stand against corporate greed...Our commitment to direct democracy endures and General Assemblies will continue as usual at 2pm on Saturdays and 6pm on Wednesdays at City Square until further notice."

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