St Mary's restoration plans


St Mary's church in The Wood, had plans unveiled yesterday to convert the grade 2 listed church into 18 luxury apartments, if planning permission is granted by Leeds City Council.

The landmark was nearly destroyed by fire in June last year which was thought to be arson however the police did not manage to convict anyone.

On Monday night Morley Town Council's planning committee came together to discuss the application for planning permission.

The building since the fire has stood empty and in danger of collapse.

The original plans for the church, was to turn it into a hotel and restaurant. This was met by opposition from councillors and local residents who said that the hotel would be too big for the current site and would interfere with graves at the site.

The plan for the apartments comes with a promise that graves will not be disturbed.

The full plan for the apartments can be seen on the Leeds City Councils website (link below)

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