(VIDEO) Anti drink driving initiative supported by police


Police warning motorists not to drink and drive are supporting a hard hitting online video.

“Drink drive figures typically go up over the Christmas period as people enjoy a drink when socialising with colleagues, friends and family,“ said Chief Inspector Neil Hunter of the Roads Policing Unit.

“We launched our own anti drink drive campaign at the start of December but Pete Middleton approached us to see if we wanted to use his video to help in the push.”

“And we were more than happy to support this. It is a clever way to push the message to a wider audience.”

“It is hard hitting but thought provoking and appropriate – as it shows what can happen if you drink and drive.”

“Drink and drugs greatly reduce your ability to drive and the possible consequences can be devastating and long lasting for both the driver and the victim.”

“One of the hardest jobs for a police officer is breaking the news to family members that their son, daughter, mother or father has died or been seriously injured during a road traffic collision.”

“This unpleasant task is made even more difficult when you tell loved ones that the person has died or suffered injuries because the driver was under the influence.”

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