The Well gets closing date

The Well, which was previously named Josephs Well has given a final date for when it will shut its doors for good.

The venue which has seen big names such as The Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers will finally close its doors on March 10 after numerous problems with opening hours, soundproofing and drink prices.

Kevin Berry who is the general manager, said:

“It wasn’t a viable business due to many factors and it’s a very hard decision for us."
“The magic of The Well was that we put on the local bands on the bill with the big bands to try and push local music.
“A lot of people really care about the venue and that is rare.
“I have never worked in a pub where people will offer to get behind the bar and help when it’s busy. It’s not just about the gigs but the people we have met. We all had such an amazing time here and met amazing people and made good friends.”

The Acacia Strain will headline the final gig on Saturday, March 10. All future gigs will be moved to different venues.

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