Man's Star Trek home could be razed

A Star Trek fan from Leicestershire fears that his flat, which has been turned into the Starship Enterprise, will be destroyed when he sells it.

Having spent 10 years and over £30,000 to tranform his Hinckley flat into resembling the iconic Starship Enterprise, 58-year-old Tony Alleyne is now worried about the flat's future, as his ex-wife who is the owner of the property is planning to sell it.

Mr Alleyne had to file for bankruptcy in 2006 due to spending around £100,000 to begin a company which offered Star Trek home makeovers, similar to his.

However, this plan led to a debt of £166,000 as it had been funded by credit cards and loans.

The Starship Enterprise flat failed to sell in 2004, and if Mr Alleyne does not find a buyer in time, it will have to be dismantled in August.

He commented on the idea of living in a conventional home, calling it "scary."

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