Mayor Soulsby accused of discrimination

In a shock move the City Mayor of Leicester has been accused of discrimination by the English Community Group (Leicester), a race/ethnic-specific community group which represents the English community within the city and county. Note that in law the English are recognised as a specific race.

As you receive this Press Release the Mayor will have received an Equality Discrimination Complaint Questionnaire on behalf of the ECG (L). The Questionnaire is a legal document that is used by those who feel that they have been treated unlawfully concerning racism, discrimination or victimisation to obtain information under section 138 of the Equality Act 2010. Such information is used to determine whether conduct by a service provider, in this case, the City Mayor, can be regarded as discriminatory and can be used for possible future action, including legal proceedings.

Furthermore, whilst it is not mandatory for the City Mayor to complete it, failure to complete this legal document or to serve evasive answers would be grounds for any court to infer whether discrimination has occurred.

The background to this issue is based on the serial failure of the City Mayor to agree to meet with the English Community group (Leicester) after letters written to him by Lee Ingram, Spokesman for the ECG (L) on the 7th July, 25th July, 7th August, 27th August and the 2nd of October 2011 requesting a meeting between the City Mayor and the ECG (L) and on the 20th of October 2011 the ECG (L) Witan (Old English for Council Leadership etc) wrote collectively to him requesting a meeting yet again, but his reply still did not provide a meeting with the group to discuss the needs and concerns of the local English community.

Since then the ECG (L) have discovered that the City Mayor met with other race/ethnic specific community groups on 24th January at Leicester City Council. There Mr Soulsby met with the African Caribbean Citizens Forum and the Somali Development Services.

The ECG (L) believes that it has been discriminated against on racial grounds under the definitions provided for by the Equality Act 2010. The English Community Group (Leicester) has been treated unequally and not been afforded the same privileges in the form of official meetings which have been afforded to other race/ethnic specific community groups within Leicester.

The English community represent a significant proportion of the population of Leicester and expect to be afforded the same rights, benefits and privileges as any other community. As it is, the English have become a marginalised community and ignored by both the British establishment and media. And when recognised by both are usually wheeled out as the bogey man to be demonised, ridiculed and vilified which is victimisation in law too.

Lee Ingram Spokesman for the ECG(L) stated “We have got to the concerning stage where Anglophobic institutionalised discrimination is rife in Leicester and England’s infrastructure and has spread for far too long without legal challenge and so we are here to draw a line in the sand and seek legal remedy.”

“If the City Mayor persists in his Anglophobic treatment and attitudes towards the English community then perhaps a legal challenge will ensure that the English community in Leicester will be recognised as such and afforded the equal treatment that has so far been denied it”, said Clive Potter, Chairman of the ECG (L).

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