Leicester's iconic chimney demolished in new homes scheme


An old Leicester landmark has been demolished, in order to make room for seventy new homes.

The whopping 114ft tall chimney in Belgrave was brought down at the push of a button. It had been an iconic part of the British United Shoe Machinery factory, which has been closed for ten years.

The factory had once been Leicester’s biggest employer, but since 2010 there has been a £15m project to build affordable homes on the site.

Leicester City Council has also said that the scheme will build the necessary two, four and six-bedroom houses. With various grants and funding, these houses are to be made affordable for the public.

Once the project has been completed, there will be 1,200 homes, six play areas, shops and commercial units. The demolition of the factory’s chimney heralds the beginning of the plan, in which 119 houses will be built in the redevelopment of the factory’s site in Belgrave.

The fall of the chimney gives a sense of closure to Leicester’s once-thriving manufacturing days.

(Image source: http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/58019000/jpg/_58019572_58019571.jpg)

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