New budget measures announced by Leicester City Council


In a bid to save budget, Leicester City Council announced yesterday its second wave of cuts, including job cuts and rent rise for tenants.

100 posts are expected to be axed while rent will rise by an average of 7 percent.

Deputy mayor Rory Palmer said: "We could have saved large amounts of money with the stroke of a pen by cutting the number of museums or closing children's centres, but we didn't.

"Instead, we've gone through a detailed process to examine council spending line by line to spot as many potential efficiency savings as possible."

Apart from the measures announced yesterday, it is understood that council tax will increase by up to 3.5 percent next year.

So far in this financial year, £30 million has been cut. The council states that £70 million needs to be cut from its £500 million annual budget over three years.

Next month will reveal the final cuts for 2012-13.

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