Going for gold - The gold bar cash machine

Going for gold - The gold bar cash machine
Going for gold - The gold bar cash machine

Westfield Shopping Centre in London's Shepherd's Bush has unveiled a new ATM which instead of cash, will dispense gold for it's customers.

The machine, called 'Gold to go', was created by German company Ex Oriente Lux and is hoping to cash in on this unique opportunity.

Shoppers can buy gold in various chunks and sizes with the price starting at £41 for a 1 gram bar, however with the price of gold at around £30 (on 01/07/11), the Gold to go service may not exactly resemble value for money. They do offer a 2.5 gram bar with an engraved London skyline on it's reverse though which is sure to be a big hit with tourists and shoppers.

Ex Oriente Lux did say; "The ATMs are always online and update their prices every 10 minutes."

Gold to go is prominent in Germany with ATM's located in 9 cities across the country. Dubai also hosts 6, with two in the same hotel, the Burj Khalifa. Las Vegas also hosts one ATM with the first one appearing in Europe in Bergamo, Italy. It's now London's turn to join the prestigious list.

The machine is open for use today.

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