Met Secrete Undercover Police Into Student Protests


Alongside the questionable tactics of threatening to use rubber bullets, sending warning letters to known activists and a water cannon rumored to have been ready to deploy at Moorgate the Metropolitan Police have been secreting undercover snatch squads into the crowd.

At least thirteen undercover officers were present in the kettle when the march ended in Moorgate. Protesters in the crowd spotted one of the officers and challenged him about his identity, he was quickly rushed out of the kettle before any violence occurred. @Katyblottr captured the video below of the undercover officer being escorted away behind the police lines by his colleagues.

Having managed to get out of the kettle before I was walking back towards St Pauls and saw what appeared to be thirteen plainclothes officers appear from behind a police van. Three of them can be recognised from the above video.

This kind of intelligence led policing consumes both time and energy, of the 20 arrests only one has been confirmed to be by the undercover police. Officers wandering through the crowd hoping to uncover wrongdoing is a terribly inefficient way to operate. By making arrests early and exposing themselves they only served to make their continued presence in the crowd more dangerous. The officer spotted in Moorgate could have been seriously injured.

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