Occupy London pitch tent in Paternoster Square

Protesters Occupy London, have pitched a single tent in Paternoster Square, close to St. Paul's Churchyard and the London Stock Exchange as part of their 'Occupy May' spring comeback.

Although the protest is relatively small compared to some of their events prior to the camp eviction in February, a high police presence has been reported, and they are likely to be moved from Paternoster Square and the contentious St. Paul's area imminently.

This morning thousands of roses and carnations were distributed on the main Liverpool Street Station concourse, with a card reading “This flower is a May Day gift from Occupy London. Please put it in water and enjoy it. There is something better out there.”

Protests are taking place all over the world today as the first of May is traditionally a day in which workers express their solidarity and celebrate what they have gained through collective action.

Photographs courtesy of @SimonLLewis and @poynterlubz.

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