Met Police carry out controlled explosion in Trafalgar Square [PICS]

Trafalgar Square was closed off this afternoon after a suspicious package was found.

The square was evacuated, and the surrounding roads were closed off. People at the scene reported a heavy police presence as they surrounded the square and cordoned it off.

Many eyewitnesses said that a controlled explosion was taken out on a dustbin, which has now been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police.

Eyewitness Emma Divine told Blottr "[I] heard loud bang like gun shot but realised it must have been controlled explosion when we saw Trafalgar Square cordoned off".

Eyewitness Alex Smethurst, a student at LSE, told Blottr that a "controlled eposion on a package in Trafalgar Square led to police & streets blocked but offices were never evacuated."

Police refused to comment on the incident at Trafalgar Square but confirmed that there is a 'suspect package'.

At approximately 3.30pm the web cam showing Trafalgar Square showed the public re-entering the square with the police cordons removed.

Photographs courtesy of @InakiMayora, @RuKotecha, @MatthewRiding and @curtislesser.

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