TfL win battle to ban Addison Lee from encouraging drivers to use bus lanes

Transport for London today won their first battle in preventing mini-cab firm, Addison Lee, from encouraging their drivers to use bus lanes.

Mr Justice Eder said that it was "necessary and just and convenient" to grant TfL a temporary injunction which will stop encouragement of the use of bus lanes, which for non-black cabs is illegal. He said that "unless an injunction is granted, there is a substantial risk of significant problems".

While Addison Lee, Europe's largest taxi firm with 3,700 vehicles, argue that they should be treated the same as black cabs, TfL said that their use of bus lanes would impact on the length of bus journeys and cause congestion.

The case erupted after the firm's boss, John Griffin, published instructions in his letter in Add Lib, a quarterly London lifestyle magazine distributed by Addison Lee taxis, encouraging drivers to use the bus lanes and saying he would pay for any fines incurred.

The case is ongoing, and is due for a judicial review later this year.

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