Balotelli Wants To Pay Library Fines?

Rumours are flying around Greater Manchester this evening as people try and confirm whether Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli walked into John Rylands library today and offered to pay off University of Manchester student’s library fines.

Packed out due to impending exams, the rumour quickly spread across the library and very soon it was all over Facebook. By 5pm it was all but true in the eyes of many however as yet no posts have been from anybody who actually saw Balotelli in the library but there are several on Facebook and Twitter claiming to know the people who started the rumour.

It would not be the first charitable albeit eccentric act by Balotelli. There have been reports of homeless people being booked into the Hilton hotel and there are even rumours that he offered to pay off several people’s student loans.

As yet no one from John Rylands has stated whether the rumours are true or not ; the staff allegedly refused Balotelli’s financial aid.

Was this a bizarre act of generosity from a Premiership footballer, or just a rumour started by students, suffering cabin fever due to exam revision?

Photo sourced From Topnews .

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