Dentist Receives Police Compensation

A Manchester dentist has received compensation from Greater Manchester Police after accusing them of wrongful arrest five years ago.

Dr. Omer Butt filmed his arrest on his mobile phone and claims that the footage shows him being assaulted by police officers after he was stopped over a traffic dispute and allegedly ade racist remarks towards the police.

Due to be heard at Manchester Crown Court this week the case was settled on Wednesday as Dr. Butt was contacted by Greater Manchester Police and was told if he accepted the payout then no further action need be taken. The amount of compensation is undisclosed and it is assumed that Dr. Butt is no longer allowed to share the footage he filmed on his phone.

Although Dr. Butt believes that the police’s payout is an admission of wrongdoing the police have made no such statement. In fact the police have been unavailable for comment over the whole incident.

Dr. Butt on the other hand, has not been so quiet: "Without that footage, I may have been convicted. I certainly would have lost my career and my life would have been in a complete mess." It is not the first time Dr. Butt’s career has been on the line, he made the headlines in 2007 when he refused to treat a patient unless she wore a head scarf.

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