EDL and BNP plan march in Hyde

Far-right groups the EDL and BNP are planning a march in Hyde, Greater Manchester, following the attack of 17-year-old Daniel Stringer-Prince last Saturday. Stringer-Prince has been left with severe facial injuries from the attack which occurred at 10.20pm on Saturday night in Hyde town centre. The attackers have been identified by the other victim, Stringer-Prince's friend, as a gang of up to eight young Asian men. As a result of the attack the EDL and BNP will be demonstrating in Hyde on Saturday 25, February. The BNP, in their promotion of the march have said:

'it’s time for the police, the government and the controlled media to finally start taking these vicious attacks seriously. It is time for action, which is why we’ve called a demonstration in Hyde, Greater Manchester, on Saturday the 25th February.'

The demonstration is currently planned for Saturday afternoon, starting at 1:00pm, and lasting until 4:00pm. This week the EDL and BNP joined forces outside Liverpool Crown Court, as an alleged paedophile ring trial took place. The violence outside has led to the adjournment of the case as two barristers were reportedly attacked. Two weeks ago, Blottr exclusively reported how Britain's far right groups were set to merge.

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