Invisibility cloaks to stop earthquake damage

University of Manchester mathematicians are considering the use of “invisibility cloaks” to try and protect buildings from natural disasters.

If pressurised rubber was attached to buildings it is possible that heavy vibrations, the like caused by earthquakes and heavy impacts, would simply pass around the building. The researchers are hoping that this technology could one day be used to protect hospitals, nuclear power plants and other important, sensitive buildings.

Dr. William Parnell’s results are incredible considering research into this technology only started six years ago.

This phenomenon of invisibility cloaks previously common only to science fiction, most famously Harry Potter, is now not such a far-fetched idea. The team working with William Parnell are now trying to discover the general rules behind the evidence that they have observed. If successful, the cloaking device could be applied to any building, anywhere in the world.

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