"Online hate crime? Click here!"

Greater Manchester Police have tweeted a link leading to a page that makes it easy to report online hate crime.

The page is a report which once submitted is sent straight to the local police to assess what the next course of action. Questions in the report include the motivation behind the hate material, as many details about the offenders as can be included and an option to receive help and advice from charities which focus on bullying and internet hate.

Online hate crime has increased exponentially since social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Formspring became popular. There have been many high profile cases in the media where “cyber-bullying” has led to the victims self-harming or even committing suicide. The sites are also being used as a platform to spout racial and religious hatred.

Although this is now illegal police are struggling to control the behaviour of online users as so much of the illegal activity is unreported. Police are hoping that if people are aware they can easily report incidents online there will be an increase in the number of cases they are able involve themselves in.

The address to report online hatred: https://secure.met.police.uk/hatecrime_internet/

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