Rape allegations FAKED by 16-year-old

A 16-year-old girl’s serious rape allegation was completely unfounded, according to police.

Walking home from in Farnworth on Saturday night, the girl claimed she had been dragged into a nearby alley by her attacker where she was attacked and raped. Greater Manchester Police took the allegations very seriously and have been scouring the area for evidence and trying to find witnesses.

After consulting the evidence it appears that there is absolutely no foundation to the girl’s claims.

“She has probably put her family through a lot of stress, as well as wasting police time,” said on local PCSO.

After serving the girl with a fixed penalty notice police wished to assure the public that they take any rape allegations seriously. "Greater Manchester Police encourages anyone who has been a victim of rape or any sort of sexual abuse to come forward, but I must also stress the importance of providing police with genuine reports due to the time we invest in investigating these cases,” said a detective inspector from Bolton Police.

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