Savage murder in Stockport as man burnt to death

Car Park where body is alleged to have been found.

A horrific murder has occurred in Stockport, just a few streets away from the police station. The victim, as yet unidentified, has been decapitated and then set on fire by their attacker(s). Estimated to be in their early 20s the victim was last seen alive on CCTV, not far from where the body was later found.

Still ablaze, the fire had to be put out by firemen before the police and forensic team could investigate further. The whole area is currently cordoned off as it is believed that the forensic team are still combing the ground for any evidence.

Two men have already been arrested under suspicion of the murder, they were already in custody when the body was found after being arrested under a different charge but were rearrested early this morning.

This is by far the most brutal murder to have been reported in the area for a very long time. As yet police have released no word whether it is a gang killing or a random attack. We do not even know why those two men in particular are suspects. Hopefully more information will be released in the next few days.

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