Get ready for Anti-Grand National Protests

Picture: Animal Aid

Animal activists started protesting yesterday, against the Grand National in Aintree, Liverpool. Several Animal welfare charities will protest for 3 days; from the 12th April until 14th April.

An animal welfare charity, Animal Aid, has realised this on their website, "Animal Aid has, for many years, called for the Grand National to be banned. It is a deliberately hazardous race. A dangerously overcrowded field of 40 horses is forced to confront 30 extraordinarily challenging and treacherous jumps, over a course of four-and-a-half miles. Since 2000, 20 horses have died on the Grand National course and, over the course of the three-day meeting, 35 horses have been killed at the three-day in that same period.

Following the deaths of two horses in the 2011 Grand National, which were accidentally screened on live television, there was a fresh outpouring of anger that this sick spectacle is allowed to continue."

They have also put together a list of statements and responses, which is viewable here .

Picture: Animal Aid

By James Christopher Maxwell,

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