EDL leader claims assault ahead of Luton demo

The English Defence's League leader, Tommy Robinson, has once again posted a picture of his bruised face on Twitter, claiming he was assaulted because of his political beliefs. In the tweet along with the picture, Robinson said "Religion of Peace at it again", insinuating that the perpetrator(s) of the alleged assault were Muslim. In response to the picture that was posted, one Twitter user contacted Bedfordshire Police to confirm the claims, to which they responded that they "have not received any complaints of this nature." https://twitter.com/#!/rcp123456/status/197233822914457600 https://twitter.com/#!/bedspolice/status/197236989425233920 Sources close to Blottr, and Twitter users who have seen the photo, have questioned the likeliness of this latest incident, and have suggested that whether the bruises are real or otherwise, the picture was posted to drum up support for a demonstration due to take place this weekend in the EDL's hometown of Luton. Far-right monitors in contact with Blottr have even suggested that the photograph may be old, from the last time Robinson posted a picture of himself with a bruised face. They have questioned why his whole face is not shown and noted similarities between the injuries and the positioning of the new photograph. Robinson will appear at the demonstration on Saturday, supposedly set to be the biggest yet, where it will become clear if the alleged assault took place.

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