Construction Thieves Arrested After Being Caught on Remote CCTV

Two intruders were arrested by police over the weekend after attempting to enter a construction site in Coopers Edge, Gloucester.

In the early hours Saturday the 28th the intruders were caught by a state of the art wirless video alarm as they attempted to enter the compound.

Police were called and attended as a priority as there was real time video showing that a crime was taking place. They arrived within 10 minutes and arrested 2 youths who were found at the scene.

They were arrested on site and police have subsequently re attended site and are conducting an investigation. The polices early intervention averted any serious damage or theft taking place.

This brings the count up to 10 for arrests made by police on Bovis construction sites in the South West this year. It follows the successful deployment of innovative wireless video technology by local installer.

For more details contact:-

Brian Keely Operations Director
Ace Defence 07968 787570

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