Criticised - Family Reviews Of Care

A new website designed for members of the public to review care providers has been subject to criticism almost as soon as it is launched.

The Good Care Guide is apparently one of many schemes that the government will launch to try and “shine a light on bad practice”. The company’s behind the website, which can be viewed here, say that this will be an opportunity to provide "real, honest feedback on what is available". Critics however are saying that this amount of power in the hands of the public could bring an established care provider to the ground, and it will be the receivers of the care, not the providers that are most affected.

The website focuses on four types of care providers: care homes, home care agencies, nursery & group childcare and nanny & childcare agencies.

Speaking to University of Manchester experts in the field of surveys and feedback they also disagree with the format of the website. “A person’s feedback is greatly affected by timing. If you fill in a form or survey immediately after the event your review could be a lot more positive or negative than it would be a few days later. This could greatly affect the feedback received from the website. Also there is no scale for good or bad care. A person may feel that a nursing home was the best it could possibly be but if it’s your only experience of one, that doesn’t really say much.”

Director of one of the companies that run the website, Steven Burke has said, "Good providers of care have nothing to fear about Good Care Guide but there are some families who have had bad experiences of care homes in particular." He also claims that the reaction from families has been very positive, as they are eager to have a forum where they can compare the care of different establishments.

Government watchdogs will be monitoring the website closely over the next few months to see how effective the website is on the state of care in this country.

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